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10 main December TV series not to be missed

In order not to get lost in the diversity of telenoks, we have prepared for you a guide on the 10 main series of December. Take the calendar and most likely mark the exit dates with a red marker in order not to miss anything.


Flying through the night (2018) / Nightflyers

Horror / fantasy

Directed by: Andrew McCarthy, Michael J. Bassett, Mike Cahill, Maggie Kylie, Nick Murphy

Starring: David Adjala, Maya Eshet, Owen Macken, Gretchen Mol, Bryan F. O'Byrne

1 season - December 2

Shot from the series "Flying through the night"

Shot from the series "Flying through the night"

After the success of the “Game of Thrones”, the leaders of other channels decided that the success lies in the name of George R. Martin, so they actively began to buy the rights to film his less famous works. "Flying through the night" - just such a case. This is not at all fantasy, but real science fiction about the crew of scientists who in 2093 year went to get acquainted with aliens. Along the way, they stop believing in the success of a dubious venture, begin to quarrel among themselves, and most importantly, they realize that there is someone on board the ship.

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