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The itinerary is built / trailers

Last winter there was a terrible crime - the husband killed his wife, dismembered the corpse and hid in the trunk of their car. Despite attempts to evade suspicion, the murderer was soon arrested by the police. Andrei and Olga are married couples. Andrew buys a suspiciously cheap car in good condition. That evening, after taking their five-year-old daughter, they go on an overnight trip to another city. On the way, Olya hears some strange sounds and tells Andrei that he feels something wrong with the car. This irritates Andrei, who does not notice anything, and becomes a reason for a serious quarrel. In the meantime, their daughter in the back seat communicates with some invisible aunt, but her parents do not hear. The ghost of the murdered woman does not like family quarrels, and our heroes are in her power ... Their route has already been built.

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