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I will be faithful wife / trailers

Nina Antonova can hardly be called a modern girl - she is romantic, modest and very trusting. Nina lives in a provincial town and works in a garment factory. She truly loves her fiancé and is ready to go with him to the ends of the earth. For his sake, she sells the house and leaves the factory, but the groom, it turns out, already has a family.

Not despairing, Nina makes another attempt to arrange a personal life. But failure again awaits her - the bridegroom turns out to be weak-willed and allows parents, who are against the marriage of their son to a provincial, to remove themselves from the bride.

After such blows of fate, Nina finally gets rid of her naivety and gullibility. Her friends want to "attach" Nina, invite her to the company and introduce them to "promising suitor". But Nina can no longer believe anyone. All potential suitors simply annoy her. And most of all - a tenant who settled with her at the request of the factory director.

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